The Ultimate Bigfoot Hunting Vehicle

I was born and raised in the small town of Bonham, TX, just 45 minutes from McKinney.  In this town there are few things to do and plenty of stories to hear.  Undoubtedly some of these stories involve sightings of the infamous legend, Bigfoot.  I even remember watching the evening news and hearing the Sasquatch sightings on there.  One particular story has stuck with me for over 12 years.  KXII news station interviewed several residents of the town, Norman, Oklahoma about their infestation of Bigfoots, or Bigfeet- I’m not really sure.  There were a couple of men, with beards only real men could even dream about growing, who described and imitated in detail how loud the Bigfoots would yell as they trampled through the woods nearby.  They taught me that Bigfoots also enjoyed throwing rocks, for fun I assume.  “They can really sling em rocks.” – Epic beard man. 

I will always remember that night I saw this Pulitzer Prize worthy segment on the news, from that night on I knew that not only was Bigfoot real, he could throw rocks better than Olympic shot-putters. 



A close friend of mine and I have been planning a trip to Norman, Oklahoma ever since, a trip we can guarantee will end with our capturing the infamous beast.  A trip that is now, more than ever, closer to fruition because I recently purchased the ultimate Bigfoot hunting vehicle, a 2013 Dodge Durango.  Why is the Durango the best vehicle for hunting Bigfoot?  There are many reasons.

Firstly the exterior of the Durango is bold, sleek, and downright vicious looking.  The Bigfoot fears little and when we roll into Norman, we plan to do so like knights riding majestic steeds, he needs to know we mean business.



Second, the interior of the Durango is the best-equipped SUV for the money, the comforts will be necessary for the harsh woods that Bigfoot resides in, because even the strongest and bravest men, such as myself, need a break.  The Uconnect touchscreen is the ultimate navigation guide, there’s no telling where the Squatch may run to, and getting lost is definitely not on the agenda.


Besides the navigation and comfort you’re going to need a safe refuge just in case Bigfoot decides to fight back and throw a rock at you.



Third, Durango also seats up to 7 passengers, who knows maybe you’ll need a posse to take down a Bigfoot, but you can also fold the second row for an immense room of storage if you decide to take Bigfoot alive. 



Fourthly, and arguably most important is the performance, you’re not likely to catch Bigfoot at a rest-stop or on the side of the interstate, probably you’ll need to take it off-road and the Dodge Durango is more than capable with available full-time All Wheel Drive gives you traction when you need it the most and the Variable Torque Distribution directs up to 100% of torque to which ever axle has the most traction.  It can also drive up to 550 miles on a single tank, which is convenient because the stamina of a Sasquatch is to this day unknown.

Last, but definitely not least, is the safety features that come on a 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick Dodge Durango.  Six standard airbags, including side-curtain airbags that protect all three rows and a near perfect front-to-rear 50/50 weight distribution are all necessary features, not only for the extreme off-roading, but is good to have because if we can learn anything from beef jerky commercials it’s that the Sasquatch is incredibly strong and will try to flip your vehicle.  He’s going to be sorely disappointed when he meets the 2013 Dodge Durango.

So if you too want to join the hunt for Bigfoot, be sure to visit the number one stop for the Ultimate Bigfoot Hunting Vehicle, Dodge City of McKinney at 700 S Central Expy in McKinney, TX 75070 or call (877) 288-7471 and be sure to check out the amazing Dodge Durango in person!


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