How I Learned to Buy a Car

One of the people I most admire in the world is none other than my very own Grandfather. He is a family-man and made a career out of helping others as he’s worked for the Collin County Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years.

One thing that has always entertained me is the amount of research and planning he puts into a purchase. Seriously, any purchase. Anything from a new coffee pot to a television is carefully planned out. Brands are researched, reviews are read, and he determines which brand to buy and then does more research to decide where he’s going to buy it. I’ve always found this humorous as he spends a month or two deciding what DVD player to buy, in the meantime I’m out making impulse purchase after impulse purchase.


However, this past weekend I gained serious respect for this process. It came time for me to move, and my Ford sedan just wouldn’t get everything I own from one place to the other. So I borrowed my Grandfathers Dodge Ram.

Now if he will spend months researching a $40 DVD player, you can imagine the amount of work that goes into deciding on a vehicle. As a matter of fact, I remember him purchasing his new Dodge Ram in 2002. I was only 14 then, and I went with him. Six months prior to his purchase he began researching, reading Consumer Reports, Kelley Blue Book, and everything in between as well as test driving every truck on the market. He landed on the Dodge Ram without regret; he said it was head and shoulders above everything else.



Next, he decided where to purchase it. The great question, which dealership can get me the truck I want for the least amount of money? Believe it or not, this part of his research went pretty quickly, after calling every Dodge dealership within 75 miles of McKinney he found out he wouldn’t have to go very far. Dodge City of McKinney beat everyone.

Back to last weekend, I went to borrow the truck I learned how to drive on about 10 years ago. To my surprise the truck still handled and ran just like it did when he first purchased it. My Ford sedan is only 8 years old and the engine is already lurching and shakes violently and has been in and out of the shop regularly, so it really surprised me that the Dodge Ram felt like I was cranking it and driving it brand new out of the showroom.

Unfortunately when I was done moving, I had to give it back. Never again will I laugh at my Grandfather for the epic amount of research and planning he puts into a purchase, because clearly, it pays off. I plan to cheat off his report soon, as I will be making a trip to Dodge City of McKinney at 700 S. Central Expressway in McKinney, TX very soon!




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