4 Key Maintenance Tips for Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is one of the toughest midsize SUVs on the market today. Of course, to fully maximize the longevity of this car, one must do all things necessary to keep it in top shape. Proper car conditioning can be done with some simple maintenance tips. Here are the 4 key maintenance tips you can use to keep your Durango on the road for a long time as provided by Dodge City of McKinney.

ImageKeeping tires properly inflated – Having too much or too little tire pressure causes uneven handling and reduced loading capacity. Keeping your tires properly inflated is a must, especially in places where temperature ranges tend to vary. You can check the recommended tire pressure by reading the owner’s manual or the tire label.

12Checking fluids – The level of fluids around your car must be checked every once in a while. Fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid, and coolant must be kept at a particular level to ensure optimal performance in all conditions. Fluids must be filled every now and then if the level goes below what’s recommended. Fluids need to get changed after a particular number of miles.

123Check all lights – All light bulbs are important because of safety reasons. Headlights, taillights, turn signals, and even running lights all play distinctive roles in ensuring visibility during dark conditions. You must check them every now and then to ensure they all remain functional. You can consult your manual on how to troubleshoot lighting issues.

Cleaning or replacing filters – Air and fuel filters are important in keeping your engine clean from potential impurities. Without these filters, your engine can lose horsepower and fuel efficiency, and can ultimately reduce the lifespan of your motor. Because of this, periodic cleaning and replacement of filters are necessary. Investing in good-quality filters will be a smart choice.

1234Check out all of Dodge City of McKinney’s inventory by visiting the dealership located at 700 South Central Expressway in McKinney, Texas or by calling 972.569.9650.  More information can be found out about service on the website at http://www.dodgecityofmckinney.net.

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