National Geographic and Nat Geo’s Mustang Millionaire

Every year, the world’s most fearless wranglers gather to compete in the Mustang Million. Their task: in only four months, tame and transform a wild mustang into a show horse, with a cash prize of $1 million to the lucky winners.

Mustang Millionaire is an all-new show on Nat Geo WILD and follows five trainers as they risk their livelihoods to compete in the cutthroat event and concludes in a choreography competition where their horses must complete daring stunts.

The previous competition took place in Fort Worth and came to a fantastic end with Tom Hagwood of Torrington, Wyoming and his Mustang gelding Merv, were given a check and a 2014 Ram Truck from Dodge City of McKinney for their efforts.

ImagePictured above is Legends Champion, Mr. Hagwood being handed the keys to his new ride by Dodge City of McKinney’s own and co-host of The ANE Show, Jeff “Bubba” Thompson.

Tom Hagwood will be featured on the final episode of Nat Geo’s Mustang Millionaire which airs every Saturday at 9 pm.

To see the official truck of the Mustang Million Rodeo visit Dodge City of McKinney at 700 South Central Expressway in McKinney, Texas or give us a call at 972-569-9650 today!

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