2014 Dodge Durango: Ron Burgandy Didn’t Tell Us Everything

We have all seen the commercials for the new Dodge Durango featuring the Anchorman character Ron Burgandy. With his comedic genius telling us about the power of the horses or the gum stick capacity of the glove box, you may have thought you knew everything there was about the Durango. After reading this you will.


It has a number of unique features like a magic button that you can use to knock down the third row seat headrests. It also has an easy to manage infotainment system that can control everything from the climate in the vehicle to your phone. Did you know that it is an import? No not from China. It is literally imported from Detroit. Yes it was built in Chrysler’s Plant in Detroit which was discovered by Germans in 1904.

It has an all new eco mode to provide better fuel economy by optimizing the transmission shifting and turning off cylinders. It has 192 LED lights in the tail lamps of the vehicle. No, that is not a misprint. I said 192. Standard on all Durango’s is an eight speed automatic transmission with rotary shifter and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. The towing capacity is a huge point to note. With the V6 engine, it can tow up to 6200 lbs. With the 5.7 liter Hemi V8, it increases to a whopping 7400 pounds. Also with the later engine, the answer will be yes, that thing does have a Hemi.


For more information on the hottest selling thing except ice in the Mojave, come by today at Dodge City of McKinney 700 South Central Expressway McKinney, TX or give us a call 972-569-9650 today!

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