Simmering over 440 Overheating Issues – Part 2

The Dodge Kid


A progressive update on my working on my overheating problems.

I decided to to troubleshoot this problem one step at a time.

hiflowstat Here a new Milodon hi flow thermostat, similar to the look of a hiperf Mopar piece I saw on Ebay.


The first thing I did was change the thermostat. First I drained the coolant into a new 4 gallon oil drain container so that I can reuse the coolant if needed.

In preparation to replace the thermostat, I ordered a new gasket and some gasket sealant from Jegs, but turns out I didn’t need either since the shop only put sealant on the bottom half of the gasket. Actually this is a technique I used on my Mustang valve cover gaskets to allow reuse and ease of removal of the valve covers to adjust the mechanical lifters. If you do…

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